Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Song Sparrow

When I first resurrected this hobby early last Spring, I'd typically always get pictures of Song Sparrows. They would be so busy singing that they would let me get quite close and I was able to get many great pictures.
Then came Summer and later Autumn and Song Sparrows kinda went under cover. When I do see them, they are typically down in the grass out of sight. I know they are around though as I hear them. Not the glorious song of Spring but a single chirp. It took me a while to realize that the chirp was a Song Sparrow, but I now recognize it without having to see the bird.
The image above was taken last Saturday at Fernhill Wetlands. It was a very gloomy, overcast day so many of the pictures I took have a lot of background noise. This one is better than most and I was happy to have a Song Sparrow pose for me again.

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  1. Wonderful song sparrow photo. I love the background colors.