Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eastern Phoebe

I'm always a bit unsure when it comes to Flycatchers, but after researching this one for a few days, I'm pretty sure it is an Eastern Phoebe. The thing that concerns me is that I did not notice either of the birds I saw bobbing its tail as is described in just about every discussion on its behavior. Nonetheless, an Eastern Phoebe does seem to be the best fit in all other categories.
The bird in the top two images was the first bird I photographed on my birding outing in Atlanta. There was a nice clearing as I entered Olmsted Park and the Phoebe was sitting on a branch as if to welcome me to the park.
I saw another one in Fernbank Forest at the small pond. It spent a lot of time fly catching over the pond from the fence it is perched on in the bottom image.

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