Monday, November 8, 2010

Albino? Goose

The consensus by several on OBOL, is that the white goose is a domestic Graylag. The two pure breed Canada Geese are Westerns and the center Canada Goose is a hybrid between a Western Canada Goose and a Graylag.
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Original Post:
It was suggested by Wilson Cady on OBOL that the domestic goose may be an albino. Quote "I blew your photo up to 1,000 percent and (although blurry) the fleshy parts of the bird appear to be pink including around the eyes. The build of the bird and head profile look about the same as the other birds in the flock leading me to think it is a true albino and that the other bird is one of it's clutch mates is showing some signs of that genetic trait. A domestic type goose's genes would mostly change the body, bill shape and head profile of the Cackling Goose parent."

While an albino didn't cross my mind, it did bother me that the goose was rather slender looking. Most domestic geese are blocky and have hanging bellies. Wilson is right about the pinkishness. I missed that, but the bill and legs both look more pink than the orange you would expect from a domestic goose.
This image shows the under side of its left wing and you can see there is one black feather. I'm not sure if this proves anything one way or the other.

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