Friday, November 12, 2010

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Since seeing my first Golden-crowned Kinglet on Sept 30th, I have been seeing them regularly. It's interesting as they are listed at TRNWR as year-round uncommon visitors.
Regardless, trying to get a descent picture of them can be great sport. They are small, constantly moving and like to hangout in among branches so they are regularly obstructed.
But today I got lucky. Not only did one land in some branches very close to me, but it hung around long enough for me to take several pictures and held still long enough for me to take the image above. Most of the pictures were blurry as getting good focus is difficult as there is usually a nearby branch that my camera's auto-focus system decides is the subject. Luckily, my camera has a mode that does an initial auto-focus and then allows me to make manual adjustments. That works reasonably well, but you have to be quick.
Anyway, this is a very pretty bird and is fun to watch. Many times while jumping around from branch to branch it will hover in the air similar to a hummingbird. That would make a great picture.

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  1. Yep, getting a good photo of a kinglet seems to come down to dumb luck for me... Looks like you got a great one!