Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anna's Hummingbird?

I visited Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge in Portland for the first time today. I started out at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden thinking that there may be wintering ducks, but there mostly Mallards and Wood Ducks along with a few American Wigeon and a few Buffleheads on the far side of the large pond. So I only spent about a half hour there and then decided to try Oaks Bottom since it was close and I was limited for time.
Things were fairly slow there too, but I did run into a couple of active areas. In one of these spots, I saw a mixture of Ruby-crowned Kinglets (one showing its bright red crown very nicely), Brown Creepers, Bewick's Wrens and this one Hummingbird I believe to be an Anna's. There is not a lot of difference in Hummingbirds. I believe Anna's and Rufous Hummingbirds to be the most common around here. This one does not appear to have much, if any, rufous coloring which rules out a Rufous or even an Allen's. The dark patch on the bottom image up above also points towards a female Anna's. If there had been any sun shining today, that spot may have shown some iridescent red.

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