Monday, May 24, 2010

Lazuli Bunting

A couple of weekends ago I was talking to a birder I met on a trail at TRNWR. He mentioned that he had seen Lazuli Buntings nesting in some bushes the last couple of years and to expect them near the end of May. Since then, every time I walk TRNWR, I make sure to check that area for the buntings, but as of yesterday to no avail.
Today I decided to walk the large service road loop for the first time since it seemed like a slow day. The walk wasn't very productive until I got about three quarters of the way around. I heard a some unfamiliar birds singing in the trees and brush off to one side of the trail so I stopped and waited for a moment to see it I could locate them. Then, a couple of birds flew across the trail ahead of me and landed on some tall grass stocks not too far away. I started taking pictures, but the birds were somewhat obstructed by the grass. They weren't obstructed enough, though, for me not to realize that these were Lazuli Buntings that I had been tipped off about, just not in the area I was told to look for them. I kept moving in closer and closer, taking a few pictures along the way until they decided I was too close and flew off. I thought that was it until I noticed that they were still within reach on the other side of the trail. They had settled into a brier of blackberries and stayed long enough for me to inch in and get some more pictures.
The top three images are from the grassy side of the road, while the bottom two are from the blackberry side.


  1. Never seen one of those before- they are beautiful birds! I like how that last picture almost looks like the the Lazuli Bunting is posing for you. Also, Lazuli Buntings sounds like a baseball maneuver...

  2. It looks like Alberto Lazuli will be bunting here in the top of the fifth. :-)