Sunday, January 30, 2011


This morning I tried some areas in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Beautiful country side, but I hardly saw any birds. The best sighting was a couple of flocks of Gambel's Quail.
After getting a bit frustrated I decided to make a return trip to Corn Creek in the Desert National Wildlife Range. I had good success at this oasis in the desert the last time I was in Las Vegas this past autumn.
Things were a lot slower as their website suggested for this time of the year, but I got many more looks at Phainopeplas. I only saw one male last time, but this time I lost track of how many males and females I saw. I heard their distinctive whistle call all around.
One thing that also increased my sightings was the new trail they added to the area. This new trail ventures just outside the oasis into the surrounding desert along the spring fed stream. The small grove of trees that follow the stream seemed to provide habitat that the Phainopepla desire.

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  1. We get down to LV every Thanksgiving to visit my daughter, but have only "birded" there once. You've whetted my appetite and given us some great ideas on where to go. Thanks!!