Monday, September 6, 2010

Greater Yellowlegs

I've seen what I assumed were Greater Yellowlegs in the past, especially at Fernhill Wetlands, but they were always off in the distance so I was never sure if they were the Greater or Lesser variety.
On Saturday, at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, I finally got some close looks and got some good shots. This image clearly shows the slightly upturned bill distinguishing it from the Lesser. Although it is hard to tell in a picture, it was also fairly large. Another indication of a Greater Yellowlegs.
There were three of these in the first pond along the auto tour route at the "S" Unit. I watched them for quite a while as they moved around the small pond. At one point I watched as one caught a small fish. It seemed to "wash" the fish as it pulled it up into its beak, then let it drop to the tip, swishing it in the water. Maybe it was just making sure it was dead, but it did this repeatedly before swallowing it down. I'll have to do some research on this behavior.

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