Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Blue Heron

It wouldn't be right to end the month without a post of a Great Blue Heron. They are so prevalent around here.
I came upon this one crossing one of the bridges over the creek along at TRNWR. It was down below standing on a submerged log. Normally a Great Blue will fly away if encountered as close as I was to it. But this one had a bead on something in the water and decided it was more interested in it than it was fearful of me.
As I was taking pictures of it, I could see it pulling its head back and crouching, preparing to lunge its large beak into the water to catch some tasty morsel of food. I caught it in the act of the strike, but unfortunately the images of it eating the prey didn't turn out well and I couldn't tell what it had caught. None-the-less, it look quite pleased with itself after it gobble it down.

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