Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden-crowned Kinglet

I typically don't find very many birds around the platform overlooking the river at TRNWR, but I usually check anyway. Today was an exception. As soon as I approached the platform, I could see some small birds in the branches above. I soon identified several Black-capped Chickadees and at least one Red-breasted Nuthatch. These birds were in constant motion, many times moving on to a new location in the time it took for me to move my camera to my eye once I spotted one of them.
There was one bird that was different looking though. I thought maybe it was another Red-breasted Nuthatch, but I kept seeing flashes of yellow on its crest like a Golden-crowned Sparrow. But, the size and the black stripes on its head were similar to the Nuthatch.
It wasn't until later when I was looking through the pictures on my camera's viewing screen that I realized that this was a different bird. I had been hoping that it was a migrating Warbler, but when I got a good look at it I knew that I had had my first encounter with a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

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