Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I walked the full loop around TRNWR on Sunday afternoon for the first time in a few weeks. Things tend to be a little slow along the Western side and that was the case again. But as I approached the Southwest corner, I noticed a large bird land on a utility pole on the other side of the canal. As I got a little closer, I could see through my lens that it was an Osprey. It's the first Osprey I've seen at TRNWR.
As I approached the Southern leg of the loop, I was a bit surprised that the Osprey hadn't flown off. But once I positioned myself to get a better view of the bird, I could see that it was eating a fish that it had caught.
I stood there for almost 15 minutes watching it eat that fish all the way down to its tail. And once the fish was gone, the Osprey flew off.

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