Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mountain Bluebird

I've been wanting to get back up to Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood since last being there during the 4th of July weekend. At that time there was quite a lot of low lying snow making walking around a bit challenging. Today, about a month later, most of that snow has melted away. You have to climb a bit now to find snow.
I'd like to see a Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch and I've read that they can be found along the edges of melting snow. So while I was hoping that there would be less snow, I could see that meeting my goal was going to be a challenge.
I started out walking some of the same areas I had last time, but there was hardly any birds. Finally, after climbing higher than I had last time, a few birds flew in nearby. To my surprise, there were a couple that were blue. At least some them were Mountain Bluebirds. It wasn't a bird I was expecting to see. I saw several throughout the day, but never very close. The closest sighting was a female seen in the top image. The bottom image has both a male and female.

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