Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barn Swallow - Juvenile

It's a hot weekend, highs in the mid 90's, so I got an early start before the heat got too bad. Since things are pretty dry around here, I decided I would make the trek to Hillboro and visit Fernhill and Jackson Bottom. Turned out both we pretty slow, as slow as I have ever seen them, but there were still birds to be seen.
As approached the bridge near Kingfisher Pond at Jackson Bottom, I noticed several Barn Swallows flying up and down the creek. This is a common area for a variety of Swallows, especially Barn Swallows. I also noticed that there were juveniles flying amongst them. Since it is not uncommon to see swallows and other birds perched on the railings of the bridge, I decided to hang out for awhile and see if I could catch one perching.
While none perched on the railing, this juvenile perched on a nearby branch long enough for me to get some close shots. While it could fly quite well, you can see from the fact that it still has some down that it is quite young.

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