Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Blue Heron - Fishing

Sometimes it just pays to be lucky. You can plan all you want, but if the birds aren't cooperating, you aren't going to get many good pictures.
I was walking along the main pond at Fernhill Wetland when I saw a head sticking up above the grass along the shore. It was a Great Blue Heron and it was right in front of me. I expected it to fly off before I could get my camera up to my eye, but to my surprise it just stood there. It even let me move in closer, getting images that filled my view finder. (None of the images above were cropped)
I took several pictures as it stood almost motionless. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't flying off as Great Blue, never stick around when they see people.
Then, very quickly, it plunged its head under water and pulled out a fish. It was at that point that it flew off. I took pictures as fast as I could and got a few that captured the action. Makes me wonder if it just tolerated my presence the whole time because it had a bead on that fish.
Note how green the water is with algae.

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