Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Barn Swallow - Juvenile

As the sun was setting on a cloudy, foggy day at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area my daughter and I decided to check out the Salal Hill Trail. It offers great views of the surrounding area, except that today the fog put a damper on that.
It was still a great time and along the way I saw a few birds with the best picture opportunities being juveniles as tends to be the case this time of the year.
As we followed the switch backs up the hill, I saw some Barn Swallows perched on dead branches. I tried to approach slowly, but by the time I got close enough to get descent pictures the only bird left was a juvenile. This juvenile was very trusting and allowed me to get plenty of closeups. Having the bright cloudy sky behind it made getting a good exposure a challenge, but I have gotten pretty good at knowing how much exposure compensation I have to use in these situations. The result are pictures with a rather soft feeling that I find interesting.

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