Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spotted Towhee

A couple of months ago, I'd see Spotted Towhees regularly. Then they seemed to become scarce. But yesterday I saw a couple of them along a quick walk through TRNWR. This one was relatively close and in the same tree as the female Brown-headed Cowbird I posted yesterday. In fact, I was taking this Towhee's picture when I noticed the Cowbird.
This picture was actually quite underexposed because of the bright background light coming through the trees (there is actually more of the the light in the full image as this is a cropped down version), but there was actually quite a bit of detail in the image once I brightened it in post.
One thing I noticed about the two I saw today is that they were both singing much more than earlier in the year. I'm not sure if that is coincidence or not.

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