Saturday, June 5, 2010

Song Sparrow

The old reliable Song Sparrow. They're cute, sing a pretty song, are plentiful and let you get in close. This one greeted me at TRNWR as I started out on the south service road. This short stretch of road has been bountiful for picture taking opportunities. I've seen Song Sparrows, male and female Yellowthroat and Spotted Sandpiper within close range on a regular basis and is the source of few of the more recent postings.


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    1. Thanks for commenting. Both Song Sparrows and Fox Sparrows have variations across the country. While this bird may resemble the Red Fox Sparrow subspecies that occupies the East and Midwest, this is a typical Northwest Song Sparrow. This picture was taken in late Spring during breeding season. Even if one finds its plumage confusing, you can't mistake its song.