Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scrub Jay - Dazed & Confused

While walking along the side walk at Mentor Graphics, I noticed a Scrub Jay on the ground with its wing opened and its head laying off to the side. It didn't look good as you can see above. I assumed that it was injured in some way. This notion was reaffirmed as I got closer to the Jay as it didn't seem to acknowledge my presence. Typically Scrub Jay's are very weary of letting anyone get too close to them.

Then, suddenly, it seemed to perk up and it started to preen its feathers, still oblivious to me.

After preening for a bit, it then sat up and seemed like it was going to be okay.

But then, just as quickly, it began drifting off again.

Little by little.

Until it appeared totally out of it.

It was then that someone spoke to me. It turned out to be the security guard that I have run into a few times. Having had a few conversations with him, he appears to know a thing or two about birds. "It's in a sun trance", he said. At that, the Jay woke up and flew off. I had never heard of such a thing, but I couldn't deny what I had just seen and photographed.
I searched for this on the internet, but came up more or less empty except for some videos someone had posted of a rescued Scrub Jay named Blue in a similar trance; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0njmftOAAo&feature=related. Here is the blog; Scrub Jay Blue and his life as a rescued animal. It's very interesting.

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