Sunday, December 12, 2010

Varied Thrush

After spending an hour and a half slowly driving up and down Rentenaar Road looking for the Bobolink, I decided to drive over to Wapato Access Greenway, get out of the truck and walk around a bit. Turned out to be fruitful as I got to see another Varied Thrush and this time I got some reasonable pictures.
The few I've seen have been difficult to photograph as they are weary of humans and tend to take cover high among the branches of surrounding trees. Luckily the trees weren't very tall along the trail so it stayed within range.
I also got to here it vocalize a bit. It made a chirp somewhat reminiscent of a Robin, but much softer.
Based on the pale chest stripe, I assume this Thrush is a female.


  1. One of my favorite birds! My parents used hen feed (cracked corn) to entice them to their patio years ago - often had several.

  2. Nice! Sounds like you had a similar day on Sauvie Island to mine!