Saturday, December 18, 2010

American Kestrel

Another 600mm success.

Things were slower on the auto tour at RNWR than the last time I visited, but the American Kestrels decided it was a good day to pose for pictures. First there was one near the trail parking lot that moved from tree branch to trail sign to marker post, allowing a couple of us to take pictures at our leisure.
Then there was the one above that was sitting on a sign post past marker 12. I was able to pull up right beside it and take a few pictures before it flew off.


  1. Beautiful! We stopped by the highway side of Basket Slough the other day and observed one hunting - first time I've ever seen this behavior. Wish I'd had a 600 with me then, my 250 photos weren't even worth saving.

    Thanks for the tip on renting lens, we just might do that!