Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Kestrel - Eating Rodent

I wish more days were sunny, that the angle was always right and that all birds were as cooperative as this American Kestrel. :-)
This Kestrel has been hanging out at RNWR near the entrance of the Kiwa trails on the auto tour and has pretty much ignored the people in cars watching it. This is the second time that it has put on a show for me and yesterday was quite a show. Not only did it allow closeups, but while sitting on a sign, it dropped down to the ground and picked up a rodent. It then flew off to one of the posts at the Kiwa trail entrance and proceeded to eat it while we watched.
I didn't stay for the whole thing, but I did watch as it took its time picking apart the rodent's head. It was quite the sight.


  1. Amazing photo series! I find it hard to find these guys here in Florida.

    1. dont know how it found it self in the caribbean but i photographed one, so amazing

  2. i live on the small island os st.lucia ( goole st lucia) and i found it so amazing to see this bird perched on a line ouside my girlfirnds house i grab my camera and took as many as i could cuz it was the first time i ever saw this bird on the island really magnificent brid