Sunday, December 5, 2010

Molalla River State Park

For such a great weekend weather-wise, my birding experience was not very good. I don't usually post trip reports, but it seems appropriate based on my experience and the fact that I didn't take many pictures.
I started out on Saturday morning with a visit to Hayden Island to see if I could see some of the ducks that are still being reported there. When I left Wilsonville, it was sunny and mild, but by the time I got to Hayden Island it was cloudy, cold and quite windy.
I first checked out the walkway along the condos where the Western Grebes, Scaups and Scoters have been, but I only found the Western Grebes. I counted about 25.I then went looking for Broughton Beach. I have never been. There have been reports of Horned Grebes and Common Goldeneyes, both of which would be new life birds for me. I did see a very large raft of Scaups, but they were well off shore and at the time I was in my car trying to find a place to park. When I finally did find the small parking lot I ended up seeing very little and the cold wind soon got the better of me. Due to limited time, I eventually decided to give up and go home. Of course by the time I got home the sun was back out. :-(

Today, I decided to try birding Molalla River State Park. I had forgotten that it existed and is only about 15 minutes from my house. The birding wasn't great, but that may be because I didn't get out there until about 2:30. I did get a few decent photos, but nothing to write home about.
There were a few Golden-crowned Sparrows.

Several Dark-eyed Juncos.

A male American Kestrel.

Even though there were many signs stating that dogs must be on leash, there were lots of dogs roaming free. At one point a woman with her off-leash German Shepard started freaking out when her dog started running to another woman's off-leash Rottweiler. Things got a little tense, but they eventually parted way.One dog chased this Squirrel up a tree.

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  1. Yeah I had never been to Broughton Beach either before last week... I definitely had to walk pretty far east (maybe a mile) to find the goldeneyes. You got some great photos at Molalla it looks like- love the squirrel and the junco especially.