Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red-winged Blackbird

I made a trip around the auto tour at RNWR yesterday. Around marker 3, I came upon a couple of immature male Red-winged Blackbirds sitting in the cattails right along side the road. I saw a couple of similar immature Red-wingeds last year around this time.
The yellowish edges of the black feathers of an immature male adds an interesting feature to their plumage that I like. I've seen images of immature males on the internet with yellowish shoulder coloring. These male's wing patches are fully red except for a little yellow mixed in that you can see in the image below.
I've noticed that while we've had Red-winged Blackbirds here most all of the Winter, they are starting to sing again like other birds have. It's great to hear that unmistakable song the male sings during the breeding season.

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