Sunday, March 13, 2011

Killdeer - Love is in the Air

As I passed the entrance to Kiwa trail, I noticed a couple of Killdeers near the road along Canvasback Lake at RNWR. Killdeers are starting to be a common sight again and these seem to be getting ready for mating.
More than once, one of the Killdeers (female?) would settle down in a depression among the broken reeds and newly sprouting grass. As the probable female settled in at one point, the probable male moved in and stood along side. The following sequence of pictures illustrate how the female raised up her hind quarters while sitting on a possible nest.
I did not see the male mount the female as seen in many pictures on the web, but then it seems a bit early to be starting a family, though I couldn't find any information about the typical breeding period of the Killdeer.

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