Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bushtit - At the Feeder

This past Christmas, Santa (that would be me) left me a bird feeder kit under the tree. I was pretty excited about it, imaging all the birds I would be able to watch from the comfort of my home. But once I got it out there, I realized that I'm gone from the house most of the daylight hours during that time of the year.
Also, I wasn't getting many birds at the feeders, so I moved the setup near the back fence as was suggested on one of the feeders. It reasoned that birds would feel safer if the feeders were closer to trees and bushes where they could quickly seek shelter. That did help, but now the feeders were further from view.
Today, I realized that the change to daylight savings time allowed me a little time after work to keep an eye on the feeders. Tonight I saw Bushtits at the suet feeder for the first time; as many as five at a time.


  1. Funny- I just posted a photo of Bushtits mobbing my suet- first time I've ever seen them in my yard!

  2. Rick- this is a great pole/feeder set up and photo. If you are on facebook, would you be willing to post this to the Backyard Bird Shop's page? It is a perfect example of what someone can do... and the birds make it! Glad to see you are getting so much activity (and the purple finches!!!)