Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hermit Thrush

While the beach side of Bayocean spit was slow, the Tillamook Bay side was pretty active. Along with the first winter Glaucous Gull and Red-necked Loons I've already posted, I saw Surf and White-winged Scoters, Horned and Western Grebes, Common Goldeneyes, Bald Eagles and an usually high number of Fox Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes.
The Fox Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes started once the trail veered off the shore line and into the woods. I first saw four Fox Sparrows just off the trail scratching tirelessly through the dead leaves looking for food. While I was shooting the Fox Sparrows, the first of a series of Hermit Thrushes appeared, teasing me by only sitting still long enough to get a quick look, but not long enough to get a shot off.
Then I noticed another Thrush just up the path. This one was a little more cooperative, letting me get a few shots. It was pushing mid afternoon by then and the clouds were getting heavier and the light dimmer, but I did manage to get a couple of shots that were good enough to post.
While I don't know much about the singing of the Hermit Thrush, I found them similar to Song Sparrows in that all I heard them vocalize was a faint chirp. Nothing compared to the amazing songs they sing during the breeding season.

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