Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

This is one of those images that isn't very good technically, but I was excited enough about it and the bird was fairly new for me that I wanted to post it anyway. It is the only image of the Kinglet that I took that was is in reasonably focus and it took quite a bit of post processing to clean it up. I confused as to what it was, but the little bit of red that you can see on its crown in this image led me to identify it. It was a difficult to shot as it was actually below me along the banks of the Willamette River in Wilsonville Memorial Park. I regularly check this spot as it seems to be a favorite of small birds, but it can be difficult to shot as you are looking down about 15 feet to the waters edge. I was using the rented 400mm lens on the monopod and wasn't quite sure how to point it down at first, but found if I straddled it like a stick pony it worked quite well.

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