Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Robin

Pro Photo in Portland had a nature photo contest that ended on April 1st. I thought it would be fun to enter but the pictures had to be taken in Washington county and I didn't have anything I felt was good enough to enter that I took in that county. I really wanted to enter the sleepy goose image, but that was taken in Multnomah county I think. So on March 31 I took a quick walk through TRNWR over lunch and got this picture of a Robin. I don't necessarily think it is a great picture of Robin to illustrate what a Robin looks like, but as a picture I really like it. I also took some more images of the Bullfrog and entered a couple of those. It was a good experience having done it because I learned a few things about the process and why and when you save as 72 dpi vs. 300 dpi.

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