Friday, April 2, 2010


As I was leaving TRNWR the other day, this Killdeer was standing in the middle of the driveway out of the parking lot. I decided that instead of getting out of the car (and possibly scaring it away), I would just turn the car to the side so I could shot through the open side window. I took a bunch of pictures and then drove a little closer and took some more. This image was from the third and closest series of shots. I may have taken more, but I had a car wanting to leave behind me and a car wanting to enter ahead of me. Neither could get through because my car was angled across the driveway. :-) I decided I had enough pictures and let them go through and the Killdeer flew off. Someone I came across on the trail about a week ago told me a Killdeer had a nest in the gravel somewhere in the parking lot, but I could never find it. I wonder if this was the one?

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