Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dark-eyed Junco

It's been raining now for about 4 days straight. Today it finally broke a little and the sun actually peeked through the clouds at times. I was itching to take some more pictures so I went out for a quick stroll through TRNWR over lunch. It turned out to be a fairly successful day. I got some more cool photos of the Bullfrog and some nice close ups of a Robin, each of which I decided to enter in the photo contest. I also got some pictures of a Great Blue Heron flying through the woods a short distance from me. It happened so fast though that I didn't get great shots of it. I also ran into this Dark-eyed Junco on the path in front of me. It was feasting on something in the rocks so it let me stay pretty close. There are a few different varieties of the Dark-eyed Junco. I believe this one is typically referred to as the "Oregon" variety.

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