Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Egret

It's not uncommon for me to see Great Egrets on my to or from work and they had been especially common recently. When I bought my camera it was one of the birds I was determined to shoot. I made a habit of bringing my camera to work with me in hopes of getting an opportunity to get a picture. So, of course, I don't see one for almost 3 weeks after purchasing the camera. How frustrating!
Well I finally came across one wading out in a large pond I drove past on my way home from work last night. I pulled my pickup over along the road and began shooting like a mad man. I tried about 6 or 7 slightly different angles hoping one would turn out decent. The Egret was further out in the pond than I would have liked and the light was low, so the images turned out a bit grainy and most of them were pretty poor. But this angle turn out fair and would have been spectacular if there would have been a little more light and the Egret a little closer. The surrounding colors play well with the white plumage of this magnificent bird. Not a bad picture, but I'm determined to get a better one.

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