Sunday, December 4, 2011


This series of images was taken during my hike around Bayocean Spit back on August 13. I was shooting some pictures of a couple of Semipalmated Plovers, when a small flock of shorebirds flew in and landed nearby. There was a mix of Western Sandpipers and these Sanderlings.
I was confused by the Sanderlings as they are in molt from their breeding plumage to their non-breeding plumage. Having only seen Sanderlings in the winter during the non-breeding season, they looked somewhat foreign to me.
I asked for ID confirmation on OBOL and that's were the molt was pointed out. If you look close you will see newer looking gray feathers over the darker, more worn feathers.

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  1. Great photos- I love how the water blends with the background in the first couple.