Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Horned Owl

I drove around the RNWR auto tour yesterday and walked Kiwa Trail for the last time this year as it closes on Monday for the winter. Not a big deal as I don't walk the trail that often, but I thought it would be nice to do since the auto tour has been closed for a couple of weeks for road work.
As I neared the end of the trail, I met up with a fellow birder who asked if I had seen the Great Horned Owl near the beginning of the trail (beginning of the trail if you walk it counter clockwise). I had not, so, following his directions, I began a second trip. Sure enough, it was right where he said it would be. I'm surprised I had not seen it the first time around. Makes me wonder what else I'm missing. :-)
It wasn't very far off the trail, especially considering its size, but it was difficult to photograph against the brightly lit canopy of leaves behind it.

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