Thursday, October 13, 2011

Golden-crowned Kinglet

My first Kinglet sighting of the season turned out to be my first Kinglet sighting on Mount Hood and I saw both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned together.
There were probably 20 - 30 Golden-crowned Kinglets feasting away in a few pines along with a couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets. They were tolerant of my presence, probably too intent on feeding, but as usual, they were buggers to photograph. Not only were they in near constant motion, but whatever they were eating was found mostly on the underside of the inner branches as that is where they spent most of their time.
I just stood there, with my camera ready, waiting for one to pause for a moment in the clear. Many shots looked great through the view finder, but were either shot late, poorly exposed, were out of focus or poorly posed. I got several rump shots. :-)
I took around 115 shots and the pictures above were the best of the bunch. Not bad shots, but I was hoping for better considering how close I got and the high number of opportunities I had.
None-the-less, it was great sport!


  1. I was going to ask if you super-glued these guys in place! They're great... Love the saturation on the last one.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Rick!! I have the same problem with my pictures.... they look great in the viewfinder, but on the computer, not so much :)