Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yellow-headed Blackbird

I've been doing a fair amount of travel lately, last week in Switzerland and this week in San Francisco, that I haven't had much time to do any local birding. So today I took a quick trip around the auto tour at RNWR.
It turned out to be a pretty good outing. I got my first photographs of a Yellow-headed Blackbird. I had gotten a quick glimpse of one last Saturday along Bruce Road at William L Finley National Wildlife Refuge, but wasn't able to get a shot off.
Today I saw Yellow-headed Blackbirds on both South Quigley Lake and South Big Lake. I'm not sure if they are common at RNWR or if just passing through, as I did not discover RNWR until late last Summer. I remember seeing them regularly as a kid in Minnesota.


  1. Great photos - I hope to see one someday!

  2. I saw a couple today, but your photos are great! I love the muted colors you captured in teh background.