Tuesday, May 3, 2011

White Wagtail

I eventually learned that there are ferry boats that run from village to village along Lac de Neuchatel all day long. I road on one on my way back from birding on the far side of the lake on Monday before my meetings began.
I took a moment to take a picture of this ferry as I was photographing the White Wagtail below.
It came walking on the rocks along the shore of the lake. I had found a comfortable rock to sit on as I watched birds nearby. This helped make it less leery of me, along with the fact that normal foot traffic made it used to people.
I've found that birds tend to be tamer in areas where people are common and are likely to drop food. These same birds in more isolated areas are much more likely to be scared off by a human.
As its name suggests, it wags its tail often. Another handsome European bird!

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  1. I am really starting to be jealous of all your amazing new birds!!!! Great photos of this beauty! That ferry looks cool too.