Friday, May 13, 2011

Marsh Wren

I've heard many and seen a few Marsh Wrens this Spring. They are difficult to shot since they are small, like to stay low in the reeds and don't stay still. I've had a couple of close encounters at RNWR. The images above were taken on two different visits during the past week.
The top image was near marker 10. It was just sitting out in the open on a branch. Rather unusual for a Marsh Wren in my experience. It had its back to me so most of the images were of the back of its head, but it looked back towards me nicely in this one.
The bottom image was taken about a week ago and is filed under "those that got away". This wren was taunting me by singing incessantly right along side my car, but rarely giving me a clear shot. This image was taken with it at its closest. Were it not for that blade of grass obstructing its head, it would have been my best picture of a Marsh Wren. Oh well, there will be other opportunities. :-)

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  1. I was asked if I had any photos of Marsh Wrens in winter. The requester wanted one because they are more drab in winter and often reported on Christmas Bird Counts as House Wrens--an easy mistake to make as they often travel into more upland habitats then.

    However, when I looked, almost all my Marsh Wren photos were from April and a couple in May. This is when the males crawl out in the open to sing their song!