Friday, October 22, 2010

Cackling Geese

As I said in an earlier post, there had to be at least a thousand Cackling Geese on the main pond at Fernhill Wetlands when I arrived there last Sunday. They weren't easily spooked either. Several people walked by, some even with dogs, and the geese didn't flinch. The top picture shows just a small portion of all of them.
I've been hoping to get a positive ID on this subspecies of Canada Goose for some time. I read that they are quite common here, but for some reason I always seem to see the standard larger version. These are obviously Cackling Geese as their necks are shorter and the head and bill proportionally smaller.
They stayed in this area for quite a long time and then, after I had long left to seek other opportunities, they started to take off. I just happened to be in their flight pattern so I got to observe wave after wave of them fly overhead.

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