Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Bittern

As I drove the auto tour at Ridgefield, there was a car stopped along the road in front of me. I didn't see anything around that they might be looking at so I crept around them, partly to be courteous and partly to to see if I could tell what they were looking at. After getting about a car length past them, I saw what was so interesting. An American Bittern was in the roadside canal slowly moving in among the grassy bank.
I got a couple of shots of it through my open side window, but I was a little too low and the bird was slightly obstructed by grass along the road. I tried to stick my head out the moon roof, but I couldn't get high enough to point my camera down at the Bittern. (Things we will to do for this hobby :-))
So, I didn't get the greatest shots, but I did see my first American Bittern and got a feel for how shy and cautious it moves. As I watched, it slowly crept under some grass and eventually was peeking out between some blades of grass, securely camouflaged.

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