Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laughing Gull

I was on the road on business again this past week. My destination was Boston where I spent three days discussing with other manufacturers how we might make the BACnet building automation protocol more friendly to building IT departments. Fun stuff. :-)
Fortunately, I was able to fit in about three hours of birding on Spectacle Island in the Boston Harbor. The local Audubon Society thought it would be my best birding opportunity based on my location within the city and my schedule. The island was pretty cool, but the weather was awful. There was heavy fog and eventually heavy rain, but it didn't stop me from picking up a few new life birds!
While walking a pebbly beach on the south side of the island I found a mixed flock of adult and 1st winter Laughing Gulls as seen above. Most of the adults had transitioned to their winter, basic plumage, though one or two still showed remnants of a fully black head.
I tried to move in closer to get better pictures but the birds were fairly skittish, especially the younger ones.
It wasn't long before only a few adults were left, standing all in a row along the water.

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  1. Awesome! I'm psyched to see what else you found!