Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great Egret

After climbing around the rocks at Newport's South Jetty last Saturday, I stopped off at the Hatfield Marine Science Center where I saw the Great Egret shown above. Part of the trail was closed because of erosion issues, but it was still worth the stop. Next I decided to check out Beaver Creek State Natural Area. I didn't have time to hike much of it, but I wanted to at least see it since I had heard good things. It's a beautiful park, but I didn't seen many birds. However, on my way back to highway 101 I saw three Great Egrets in a pond along the road, so I pulled over and was able to get a few shots. They were chasing each other around and I was able to catch one as it was about to take flight and then land not far away.

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  1. Beaver Creek is a wonderful new birding area. For years birders in the know have been driving and birding the marsh, but the new natural area is huge and has great birds--a must stop on every trip to the Newport area!