Monday, February 28, 2011

Wilson's Snipe

Just past marker 5, I believe, there is some shallow water in a grassy field at RNWR. I've seen Wilson's Snipe here a few times, but the are usually quite a ways off the road and blend in well with the surrounding vegetation.
On Friday, this area was thick with Snipe and they were near the road. In fact, as I drove up, I flushed a couple of small flocks. I decided to sit in my car for a bit and see if any returned. Sure enough, a few started making their way back near the road, allowing me to get my best pictures of them yet.
They still blend in well with the grass. :-)

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  1. Nice- Yeah I saw a woman standing up through her sunroof on the route on Friday... Drives me crazy because I usually have my dogs and they are quiet (unless there's a coyote) but when people do crazy things they get riled up. Grr... Are you part of the Ridgefield Flickr group? There was just a thread about some people riding in the back of a pickup truck on the route...