Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glaucous Gull - Paler 1st Winter

I thought I'd try to beat the cold today by going to the coast. :-) It's usually the other way around, but it was going to be very cold here today and the forecast indicated that the coast would be a little warmer. It was also supposed to be sunny. I'm not so sure it was much warmer, and it was hardly sunny, but I was well prepared for the cold and the wind was light.
I decided to go to Bayocean Spit and it turned out to be a pretty good day. For one, I saw my first Glaucous Gull. It threw me though as it turned out to be a paler 1st Winter juvenile. I expected a Glaucous to look a lot like a Western with a paler gray back and white wing tips. But, this one was practically all white except for a small amount of very pale brown speckles that I really didn't notice until it flew.
Besides the almost all white color, the other indication of a 1st Winter bird is the fact that it has a very dark eye.

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