Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muscovy Duck - Domestic

Not a bird I can add to my life list, but an interesting bird none-the-less. There were approximately 20 of these domestic form of the Muscovy Duck on Lake Clara Meer in Atlanta, Georgia's Piedmont Park during my visit there a couple of weeks ago.
Wild Muscovy Ducks are totally black except for while patches on their wings. Domestic varieties vary from nearly all white to nearly all black. And while both wild and domestic varieties have bare skin on the face, only domestics are red. All the birds I saw were of similar color to the birds in the images above.
Though native to the tropics, a relocation program in northeastern Mexico has created a wild population in the Rio Grande area of Texas. I also read that there is a small wild population in southern Florida.
Evidently, like these ducks in Atlanta, domestic Muscovy Ducks are common in city parks across the United States, however, these are the first I can remember seeing.

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  1. We have a pair on Lake Redwine in Newnan, GA. When they fly, their bodies, under the wings, are totally white.