Sunday, July 10, 2011

Caspian Tern

The first Caspian Tern I saw was at Fernhill Wetlands. On Saturday, I saw two more there. I first saw one fly over early in the morning, but didn't notice it soon enough to get a positive ID. Then I saw them flying on the opposite side of Fernhill Lake as I approached the parking lot much later. They swooped around, but never showed any interest in coming to my side. I had been there for about four hours and was tired so I decided it was time to go.
Then, as I was getting ready to drive out the parking lot to go home, I saw one hovering over the water just a short ways away. Unfortunately, I could not get my window down and camera ready before it moved on. Even after that experience I still was ready to go home, but something told me I should wait a little longer, so I pulled the car up to the west gate and sat there for a bit. Sure enough, it wasn't long and it was back, flying towards me. I stuck my camera out the window and leaned out to get some shots off. It did this two or three times before leaving. Having gotten what I hoped would be some pretty good close shots, I finally did go home.
While the bright top light made the exposure less that ideal, I like the effect and how it captured the look and elegance of it hunting for prey over the water.

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  1. They're such beautiful birds, it always surprises me how cranky they sound!