Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brandt's Cormorant - Nests

More pics from Bandon and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. I saw all three Cormorant species common to the area. These Brandt's Cormorants were probably the most common though there were many Pelagic also.
Their buff throats with tinges of blue were quite apparent, especially as they flew overhead. As can be seen in the second image one flew overhead with seaweed in its bill. I assume this was for nest building based on my research as their diet is fish and squid.
Finally, there were a couple of nests visible on the edge of the ledge of the north side of Middle Coquille Point Rock. It would be great to be able to some young Cormorant! I may have to check out Newport's Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area as it is a much shorter drive for me than Bandon.

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  1. Great shots of these guys! Look at that blue sky...