Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lark Sparrow

I've been on the road again for work; this time just north of Los Angeles at King Gillette Ranch Park. They are opening a new visitor center and the company I work for is installing a new lighting management system there. Since I am the only one that knows how to program the system at this time, I got elected to go on site and commission it.
It was a beautiful area, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. When I arrived on the first morning there were parrots squawking in a tree. I wanted so badly to go exploring and take pictures, but I was committed to the job from sunrise to sunset.
On Friday, after completing all I could, I left the site at about 3:00. I immediately went to the adjacent Malibu Creek State Park in hopes of seeing some interesting birds. I eventually made it to Paramount Ranch were I noticed some small birds along the road. There was off road parking there so I stopped and made my way across the road to were I had seen them.
It turns out the was a flock of possibly 50 Lark Sparrows. I only saw a few at a time, but as they started to flush it was obvious that there were many out of sight in the grass.
A very striking bird.

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