Thursday, January 5, 2012


On Monday, my last day of holiday vacation, I decided to see if the Canvasback that had been reported at Westmoreland Park was still hanging out. Sure enough, though not obvious at first, it eventually showed itself. A nice female.
The pond at Westmoreland is nice for photographing waterfowl as its not very big and the birds are used to people. It would have been nice if the sun could have shown itself, but the results aren't bad.
After that success, I called my wife. She was busy with her own things, so I drove over to Heron Lakes Golf Course when there had been reports of a Brant in among the Cackling Geese. I spent the better part of an hour, through rain and bursty winds, scanning through the thousands of Cacklers, but could not find the Brant.
I did, however find a total of eight male and two female Canvasbacks on a small pond on the east side of the course. I have only seen Canvasbacks a couple of times before, both times at long distance. It was great getting so many close views of these handsome birds on the same day.

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  1. Great shots of these guys- especially the female.