Monday, August 22, 2011

Willow Warbler

Another bird I saw at BirdLife near La Sauge, Switzerland back in April. I've puzzled over this bird, originally thinking it was a Willow Warbler, then changed my mind to a Wood Warbler since that species is listed on one of the signs I photographed on the grounds. Upon looking at the pictures again and doing more research, I've decided to stick to my original decision. I base this on the paler yellow on the head and throat, browner rather than greenish back coloring and longer tail.
I first saw the bird reasonably close in among some branches along a trail. It then flew off, but I re-found it in a young tree in a relatively clear area. I heard it sing, but I am terrible at remembering bird songs. I find that a bit odd as I am good at remembering music melodies. I plan to eventually purchase a portable digital recording device that I can take into the field. That should help on some of these difficult ID situations.

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