Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clark's Grebe

An interesting day at Fernhill Wetlands today. The migrants were pretty much gone. I saw no Western Tanagers, Yellow Warblers, Wilson's Warblers or Warbling Vireos. I didn't even see any Yellow-rumped Warblers or Savannah Sparrows.
But there were other fun things to see such as a Greater White-fronted Goose, some hybrid Canada Geese (domestic Greylag x Canada Goose), Virginia Rails and three Clark's Grebes as seen above.
The Grebe's stayed out in the middle of of Fernhill Lake for most of the morning while I was there, but one ventured reasonably close to shore for a bit. It was kind of fun as while it was feeding under water, I would reposition myself where I thought it would surface. Take a few shots and then repeat the process. Eventually it rejoined the other two well out of reach of my lens.

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  1. Great shots! It's always nice to find a Clark's after seeing so many Westerns!